Cloth Bags Revolution

Every year, one trillion plastic single use bags are used. Different countries use different amounts of various levels of these non-degradable polythene bags. The Young Environmentalists Programme has been campaigning for Cloth bags since 2008 distributing free cloth bags at street corners and fish markets, getting students and underprivileged women to stich reusable bags. We ask you to join our team to get the entire world to commit to reducing this plastic usage.

A plastic bag is made from various resources, yet almost never breaks down. Plastic bags have killed many animals, plants and destroyed the beauty of the planet as a whole. If recycled, most of these problems wouldn’t exist. However, we live in a disposable, consumerist society which believes in use and throw. The main driver behind plastic bag bans is to lower how much plastic pieces, bottles and bags finds its way into the marine world. Plastic garbage either float or end up in the stomachs of ocean creatures. A great percentage of all birds have plastic in their stomachs, which is also found in the stomachs of many endangered species.

All over the world different species of animals have suffered as a result of ingestion of or entanglement with plastic. There are other reasons to ban bags as well. In poorer countries, for instance, we need to stop the spread of Malaria via plastic bags lying around filled with sewage stagnating water. In India plastics block the sewage systems and enforce floods. We ask you to join our campaign, buy our cloth bags, commit to reducing how many plastic bags you use, taking your own bags when you go shopping. Gift a special bag to your friends for special occasions like birthdays, weddings or corporate events.

We make them in all colors, shapes and sizes with customized requests. While governments do enforce policies towards helping us ban plastic bags totally, we do also have to accept some personal responsibility towards saving the planet ourselves. To hold a Cloth bags Revolution work shop connect with us. To donate your old jeans, shirts, cloth or materials for stitching these reusable bags call us today.

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