Young Environmentalists Programme Trust

Young Environmentalists Programme trust is an advocacy and partnership platform to raise awareness about positive environment change in order to achieve green, productive, safe, healthy, inclusive, and sustainable planet. Its goal is to place the community and youth agenda at the highest level in development policies. It is coordinated by expert members and driven by a large number of committed partners from around the world.

How It Began?

The Young Environmentalists Programme builds on the main legacy of environmental reach out for natural disasters, biodiversity zones, tribal empowerment, community campaigns and education. The NGO started with research, reach out and social impact action for upliftment of the underprivileged during the 2004 international calamity of mega Mumbai city floods.

In particular, the strategic campaigns come as a direct response to the need for partnerships between governments and civil society organizations, local authorities, the private sector, the research community, schools, colleges, parliamentarians, professional organizations, youth and women groups, in order to achieve sustainable urban/rural development. Campaigns to mobilize networks of partners to implement a shared vision of a sustainable planet. Empowering the youth and communities to plan for and effectively manage adversity and change.

How to Join?

Become a Member, Lead or Associate Partner, Media Partner, or Sponsor.

Our partners are official partners and are committed to the campaign activities through their in-kind contribution to the campaign’s core activities. They are active participants of the campaign committee in which they take part regularly. They enjoy high visibility through the campaign branding, and especially at the community forums. Partnership requests are first reviewed and approved by the NGO.

Media partners spread the message widely and raise awareness in delivering news on the projects. Telling the stories of what works best and what doesn’t, the media are highly indispensable. They contribute to our environment advocacy through environment journalism.

Sponsors provide financial contributions to the campaigns for core campaign activities. They enjoy higher visibility through the campaign and event branding. We have a  list of corporate and individuals who work together with us for the CSR and fulfill their Corporate social responsibility work, and in turn we conduct personality enhancing and staff development projects around climate change and environment, which are fun, interactive and fruitful for each participant. We provide certification to each of our corporate and student participants.

Academia is our main forte where we focus our social work on. If you are a University, College, Post Graduate organization, Play school or Government school, disable school or special schools, we have unique programmes for each curriculum. We invite you to join and partner with us. Be there and ready to be part of the change.