Solar lanterns Project

Young Environmentalists Programme Solar Project for underprivileged.

Even today about 1.2 billion people worldwide live without electric light and face a variety of education, health, medical, and other challenges. We invite you to join us in providing solar lanterns, contribute to poverty reduction, health care, education, gender equaility, income generation and other goals of Sustainable Development Goals  (SDGs) by using solar lanterns.

The most important reason as to why you should donate to at least helping us gift one solar lighting setup to a home here in India ,is because no one in the world would ever think of a city like Mumbai having marginalized people who live in the deep jungles of Arey forests which are on the brink of a spanking clean and modern city . We the Young Environmentalists have been gifting and setting up solar lanterns to these hutments thus helping students to study after sunset and women to cook with out the bother of  wood fuel smoke disturbing their physical wellbeing.

Young Environmentalists promote the use the solar lanterns in places where people gather, such as schools, health centers, and meeting places where many people can

benefit for a public purpose.Year after year we provide solar lanterns to health volunteers, and teachers.

Over the past few months we’ve been testing a number of new solar power systems to determine whether or not they meet our strict technical specifications necessary for use in one of our projects. Based on our testing results we’ve identified few products that are both cost effective and durable which we will be using for our upcoming projects.

We are actively assisting families improve their lives through access, maintenance and knowledge of solar power systems in homes with no other other power source. In today’s world, we believe electricity to be an essential resource, similar in importance to water, food, and shelter. Without it, people are marginalized. With it, people are empowered through light and access to information via their cell phones.

Our Young Environmentalists Solar project implementation model is highly effective. By giving each home an individual solar power system we empower them to take ownership and responsibility for their own energy access. The units we provide are capable of providing power for many years. Without access to electricity kerosene is used for home lighting. A dangerous, unhealthy, ineffective and costly alternative to solar power. The forest officials and government have now stopped the habitants  from entering the forest borders to pick dry wood for fuel.The time is now to educate them about climate change and cutting down tree’s, but first and foremost we can start by your partnership to light up a home. Join our programme and support us.