Volunteer with Us

Calling all volunteers!

Volunteers play an important role in meeting capacity needs of the climate change education, environment and conservation programs; and they have superbly risen to the occasion, they are invaluable!

The Young Environmentalists Programme trust is proud to have a vibrant and growing group of more than 200 volunteers led by our Executive Committee.?

Why Volunteer?

Volunteering with us allows you to work with environment, climate change and conservation professionals on a large variety of projects, from field work, social impact events, academic projects, opinion polls to fundraising, and gain an insight into research and execution. Each volunteer gets trained and certified under our banner. Our volunteering status get several of our young adults and students into universities for further education in India and  abroad, as well as help secure jobs of their choice with the experience gained from our projects. Our volunteering and internships offer a professional platform to network and get the right experience in socially productive work and community hours dedicated to service.

Our experts and representatives provide topic oriented modules that are developed for both adult and student of all levels for the programmes. Modules include presentations on current environmental issues, hands-on activities, group assignments and outdoor activities.

In return, volunteers enable our office to carry out projects that we would like to conduct but which require manpower beyond our budget, and might otherwise have been shelved.

So when you volunteer, you have a chance to give back to society and  Mother Nature, as well as develop your skills, experience and employability!

Objectives of our Internships-
  • Hands on experience project/job experience
  • Local solutions to global environmental challenges
  • Enables students to generate an insight into the eco-dynamics and challenges of the ecosystem
  • Broaden students’ scope as responsible custodians of valuable natural resources
  • Inculcates a sense of civic responsibility
  • Become official Ambassadors of  Young Environmentalists and obtain support for nature conservation.

How to Join?

Express your interest via email to our Volunteer Coordinators: email-youngenvironmentalistsinfo@gmail.com /elsiegabriel@gmail.com