Womens Achievers Awards

Womens Achievers Awards

March 7th 2018 9am to 3pm

The Women Achievers Awards are a platform for inspiring women. Now in the twelfth year of its success, we present to you yet again - the discussions, the networking, the conventions and the awards that continue to unearth and recognize the inspirational stars of today and tomorrow across diverse sectors.

The Young Environmentalists NGO recognises, rewards and celebrates inspiring women in all strata’s of society and business. The Young Environmentalists Awards for women empowerment , began in all humility, culminating with an annual event that truly represents the inspirational women who balance and juggle their lives relentlessly and unconditionally, who inject their communities with a sense of feminine robustness and solidity only a woman can provide.

Women play such a pivotal role in our local economies, it is crucial that hard-working women have the spotlight shone upon them. As the Young Environmentalists NGO phenomenon rolls on across the country, more women in society and business will stand up and let the world know what they do, how they do it, and the challenges they face. This typically leads to more women helping each other through mentoring, networking and plain old ‘networking’ ‘doing business’ ‘networking for strength’ together. Raising awareness of the successful women in our midst and publicly acknowledging them underlines the economic force women have become.

The Women Achievers Awards showcase the phenomenal “Women Power”.

This year along with our Womens Achievers Awards we push the envelope and present to you our most requested NEW added categories “Womens Start up Award of the year” and “Women Entrepreneur Award of the Year “alongside our other several categories.

We are seeking success stories of achievers in all fields such as- Education ,Lawy,Finance, Social Work,Medicine,Business, Science, Art, Media, Environment, Sports among many others.

Nominations for the 2018 Awards are now open.

Morning Preliminary Session

Time - 9.30am Registration Inauguration.

Stree Dasha aur Disha !

10am to 11am-Panel Discussion on Stree Dasha Aur Disha!

Launch of the fearless and mighty Woman Lawyer Abha Singhs book

Second Session

Time- 11am to 12.30 pm-Womens Achievers Awards Ceremony.

Followed by Networking & Refreshments.

“Womens Start up Award of the year” and “Women Entrepreneur Award of the Year”

(For Category Below 35 Age group section)

Young dynamic women entrepreneurs and startup Queens join our elite network of the country’s best high-growth companies and we provide the right platform to applaud them. In the age category of 35 years and below,we invite you to nominate yourself or someone else who will participate in our Womens Start up Award of the year” and “Women Entrepreneur Award of the Year.

These awards will celebrate and showcase some of the finest achievements of these young women and their commendable work pan India.

This forum presents a one-of-a-kind platform for startup brands to introduce their companies, share their corporate, personal brands and position their companies with established entrepreneurs, top executives, business advisors and prospective investors who can guide their decision-making and contribute to their success.

To register for this extraordinary opportunity, applicants must fit the following criteria:

  • Woman business owner (at least a 50% owner) who is the founding CEO of any privately held Indian/International company less than 5/10 years old. If there are other women co-founders, they may apply as a group if the group meets the ownership criteria.
  • For those women who have sought outside investment, the founding woman entrepreneur may still apply if she retains a majority ownership stake of what’s left after deducting all outside investments.
  • Please note the following additional eligibility rules:
    • Only for-profit businesses may apply.
    • Franchisors are eligible, but franchisees are not.

Registration for the convention is compulsory.

Applications will be reviewed by a panel of independent judges representing successful entrepreneurs, investors and business leaders. The judges will select the final awardees and the jury’s decision will be final.

Applicants must be able to attend the Women's Achievers Award and be present during the announcements of the following categories Women's Start up Award of the year” and “Women Entrepreneur Award of the Year”

Looking forward on welcoming you to showcase and shine at The Women Achievers Awards -2018.

Biodata/two references/achievement profile:

"Be the change you want to see in the world!"Many women have lived up to the statement!

Venue: The Rodas Ecotel Hiranandani Gardens, Powai, Mumbai India .

Date: 7th March 2018 at 9am to 3 pm.

It is time to salute and award your women in all areas of life she has dedicatedly enhanced to high levels.

International Women’s Day 8th March is an important time to recognize both the achievements of women and the leadership that women provide. By recognizing the outstanding achievements of women we, the Young Environmentalists Programme trust, Mumbai, not only provide role models but also encourage the community to nominate women for honors.

We look towards joining hands with you to celebrate this year’s Womens Achievers Awards. This event is well attended by women in hundreds from Mumbai and outside the city, throwing light on personal/social/brand achievements over the glorious years, in a banquet hall of an award winning hotel with an appreciative applauding audience where we have given our supporters a platform to honour Women of substance. This is a high profile charity event where as a trust we do not charge guests and depend on our supporters.

This event is by invitation only. Kindly register for the function.